3 Tips to Improve Your Social Media Business Account

3 Tips to Improve Your Social Media Business Account

Having a business account on social media shouldn’t scare you. There are simple ways to improve your social media business account and set your business up for success! Here are some tips.

In this day and age of digital marketing, businesses have the opportunity to get to know their consumers better than ever before. With endless BuzzFeed quizzes, social media users are eager to find out which Disney Princess they are most like or which snack food best suits them. In a world where people are willing to give answers about what they most prefer, marketers no longer have to guess!

In a recent study conducted by Sprout Social, it was found that 90% of consumers are more likely to buy from companies they are connected to on social media. Social media is a place where users share information about themselves and marketers should listen.

Many brands have taken a shift in the way they engage with their community on social media. To set your business up for success on social media follow these helpful tips to connect to potential consumers.

1. Engage with your community.

Of course, this seems like an obvious suggestion, but engaging with your audience is huge! The key to successfully engaging with an online community is connecting to them on a personal level – even on your business account. For example, if a consumer leaves a comment on a post that brings about a concern you should comment. A typical response may look like this, “Thanks for your response. Our team is working on resolving the issue.”

Sure, you acknowledge their response and your organization’s willingness to assist but it comes off-dry and not personable. Try responding with something like this: “Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We value your business and are working on resolving your issue. Feel free to DM us if you have any other concerns.”

Taking the time to make the consumer feel heard, understood, and cared for like a human being will not only encourage their business in the future but potentially bring new customers to your business – after all, others will be able to see your comment too!

2. Create engaging posts.

One thing a business account strives for is creating posts that get high engagement results. Not only does this show the benefit of having a social media team for businesses, but it is also an opportunity to get to know the audience. When a user comments on a post they are doing so in the hopes that the brand will respond. Since we have talked about how to respond to their comments, now is the perfect time to learn what they comment on!

Take time to get to know the targeted audience and test what works best for them in terms of content. For instance, create a poll on social media asking which product or service your followers would be more likely to purchase. Not only is this a great tool to get engagement results, but it also tells you exactly which type of content would bring about the biggest results.

When creating visual content, remember the targeted audience. If you are attempting to attract a younger generation of users, research and understand trends to appeal to that audience. If you are working with an older audience, use nostalgia to connect with them.

3. Track your social analytics.

Social media is constantly changing. From new and involving platforms to the latest trends and updates. Keeping up on this is important to successfully manage a business account on social media. Having a business account on social media is AMAZING because it tracks your analytics for you! Taking the time to pull analytics,  understand the numbers, and create a story has the ability to increase the success of the account.

How many likes did a piece of content get? How many views did that video receive? These numbers are a direct reflection of what your audience wants. More importantly, it showcases what they do not want. Posting content that users do not want to see not only decreases the overall engagement of a single post but has the potential to lose followers – which means losing potential customers. Decide the timeline of pulling analytics – monthly, weekly, quarterly – and make changes based on what is seen.

Something to remember about marketing on social media, a large audience doesn’t necessarily mean a good audience. If your audience isn’t engaging or not seeing your posts, you may want to try something else out. (We will get into creating a successful social media strategy later.)

Your social media audience will tell you exactly what they like on social media – there is an actual button for that. When it comes to creating engaging content, knowing your audience is key. Talk to them. Engage with them. Most importantly, listen to them – they are wanting to be heard!

If you are looking for help in specific areas, please reach out! We want you to succeed on social media.

Until we meet again – TCB,


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