Why Creating Instagram Graphics in Canva is a Good Idea

Why Creating Instagram Graphics in Canva is a Good Idea.

Why Creating Instagram Graphics in Canva is a Good Idea

Creating Instagram graphics in Canva is simple! There are some things to keep in mind. Here are some reasons to get started.

In our Beginner’s Guide to Canva post, we talked a lot about how to get started in Canva. We walked you through ways to make simple graphics, but now, let’s get serious. Canva makes it easy to create content for nearly anything, but Instagram is our favorite.

Disclosure: I am not getting paid to talk about Canva. I sincerely think it is an incredible tool for marketers (especially those with a limited budget) to create engaging content. IF you have the budget to do so, hire a graphic designer instead of using Canva.

Reasons to Create Instagram Graphics in Canva:

1. It’s easy to use!

Instagram Graphics in Canva - It's Easy to Use!

It is simple to create Instagram graphics in Canva. When you are just starting in Canva, there are templates available to you which help give you a starting point on content creation.

You will see a ton of Canva creations when scrolling through our Instagram account. It was super helpful to use templates when starting, but these templates are available to anyone on Canva. This means any person who signs in to Canva can post the same content. How do you avoid this? By starting from scratch, of course! We will get to that later.

2. You can create branded content FAST.

Instagram Graphics in Canva - Brand Kit

If you are like me and want to set your business up for success, you should invest in the premium versions of Canva. Though you have access to features in the free version of Canva, the premium version allows you to create a brand kit.

The brand kits allow you to store multiple logos for your brand, select brand colors and add branded fonts. These aspects are available in the design mode, giving you a shortened time frame on how long it takes to create branded content.

3. You have free stock photos at your fingertips!

Instagram Graphics in Canva - Free Stock Photos

No more rummaging through the internet trying to find the perfect free stock photo to include in your content. Canva offers free stock photos, elements, and videos that give your content an edge.

When you unlock premium with Canva, you will have access to ALL the stock images and videos Canva has to offer. If you are serious about your business, consider getting a premium account.

4. You can post directly from Canva to your platform.

Instagram Graphics in Canva - Content Planner

If you have a Facebook page for your business, you can connect it to an Instagram business account! In the content planner provided by Canva, you can schedule content in advance using the Instagram graphics you just created in Canva!

Even though we no longer have a Facebook account, we still utilize the content planner for other platforms. Yes, this is not just usable with Instagram! Connect Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Facebook Group, Pinterest, LinkedIn Profile, LinkedIn Page, Tumblr, and even Slack! Canva makes it all too easy to get you started on your social media content goals.

Creating Instagram graphics in Canva is smart because it saves you so much time!

And what do they also say about time in business? Time is MONEY! Creating content for social media does not need to be terrifying. With tools like Canva, almost anyone can do it. If you are reluctant to try it for yourself or do not have the time, we are here to help!

Reach out to us! We will help create content perfect for your business and your brand.

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