Considering Freelancing? Here's Why I'm Doing It!

Considering Freelancing? It’s Not As Easy As People Make It Seem. Here Are Some Reasons I Started.

If you have been considering freelancing, there are some things that you should know before jumping into this new adventure. 

Freelancing is not as easy as people make it out to be. It takes a lot of drive, ambition, and hustle to get things going. Whether you are cold pitching your skills to people/businesses or signing up through freelancing agencies, it is tough. 

So, if you are considering freelancing, here’s why I decided to start:

Reason 1: The Job Market

Most of us are in a similar boat – currently sinking – but impacted by the pandemic… While obtaining a Master of Arts in Strategic Communication with a concentration in Social Media Management from Liberty University, I built up my skills and professionally interned with large corporations. 

My internship with Disney concluded in January 2020. I was fortunate to have that position transition to a specialist position, which was slated to end in June 2020. I went out of my comfort zone and networked with others within Disney. In March 2020, I accepted a temporary assignment with a different segment of Disney with an end date in October. Then the reality of 2020 reached America. The temporary role was canceled, everyone on my team (along with thousands of other cast members) was furloughed and later laid off, and I was left with zero answers to dozens of questions.

I began looking for jobs and applying to those in the same field I was working in. As I would receive phone calls to interview, companies were being cryptic with their positions and actively avoiding the question, “What position am I considered for?” After applying to Marketing Coordinator and Specialist positions, I was told I was being considered for “Customer Service Positions” in stores. 

Companies are hiring once again, but there are so many incredibly talented people in this pool. Though I have made it to countless interview stages, I failed to secure a stable position that did not end up in another layoff.

Reason 2: Putting My Skills To Use In Freelancing

Having worked at Universal Orlando Resort, the Disneyland Resort, Yamaha Corporation of America, and Disney Parks, Experiences and Products, I knew I had a lot to offer a position. I was working on incredible projects at Disney and had helped reshape Yamaha’s social media tone. While obtaining my master’s, I really developed my skills and continue to keep up on trends. 

Being in a weird position where I am not entry-level but not quite manager level, searching for a job has been interesting and discouraging, to say the least. I knew I had more to offer than I was being considered for. You shouldn’t have to settle if you have a specific skill set people are willing to pay for.

Reason 3: Flexibility With Freelancing

When I returned to school and began interning in 2017, I was older than most interns. Having just gotten married earlier that year, my priorities in life were a little different. I worked hard in my internships to obtain entry-level positions and was excited about what was next. My husband and I were moving into our new house, preparing to have children, and then the world happened. 

Even though most people would say, “You are still young,” it did not feel that way. By most people, I mean leadership at certain companies. Being an intern at 30 was not something I envisioned for myself, but I worked hard and dedicated my time to building my career. My husband and I had put off having children for nearly three years and were moving into our forever home. Having so much uncertainty in if I would have a position to return to work following the furlough, making these decisions even more difficult.

Who would hire a pregnant woman? I have been interviewing while pregnant because that is the situation I am in currently. Many large corporations decline me from positions once they learn I am pregnant. As if having a child makes me any less valuable. Knowing how these companies react to this news definitely tells me we do not see eye-to-eye on company culture.

What if I can’t find a job and my career is over before it even began? There are many things to consider. This is why freelancing is the best decision for me.


You deserve to get paid for the work you do. Some places will take advantage of you… learned that the hard way.

Reason 4: My Resume + Freelancing

Considering I may not be a freelancer forever, I wanted to make sure I was setting myself up for success in the future by adding freelancing to my resume. If my dream job becomes available, I want my experience to show how qualified I am. This was another reason freelancing was the right choice for me. 

Working through a content agency, you have the ability to put that organization on your resume with your position title. This gives you ongoing work in your field and helps when applying for freelancing gigs because you already have experience!

Final Thoughts on Considering Freelancing:

There are many things to consider before jumping into freelancing, but there are a ton of resources to check out. Read blogs on freelancing, connect on LinkedIn with other freelancers, and do your research. 

Our stories might be different, by still very similar. I hope this helps you in your decision-making when considering freelancing. Good luck!

Until we meet again, 



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